I get so excited every time I go to The View because I know Lavette is gonna work on my hair. It's gonna be funky and stylish and current and fabulous and I do everything in my power to make it last for as many days as I can afterwards, including sitting up in bed.

Chandra Wilson

Grey's Anatomy


Lavette Slater has the unique ability to successfully give me a statement look everyday on The View which I am forever impressed with her skill and vision. She is a true tress trend setter!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Co-Host The View


Lavette's creativity never ceases to amaze me. She can take one look at hair and create 7 completely different looks. Lavette is always ahead of the curve in hair fashion.

Sherri Shepherd

Co-Host The View


When I came to Lavette I brought with me a lifeless head of hair due to years of abuse. Lavette listened attentively to my experiences and goals and devised a plan to keep my hair looking fab! I am now complimented daily about my hair and will never sit in another stylist chair as long as she's around. Thank You Lavette!

Temra Taylor Bellanton
Director of Development
Faculty and Friends Annual fund Program
NYU Langone Medical Center


A stylist who listen and cares, someone who takes the time to make sure you look and feel wonderful when you leave her chair...that's Lavette. Everytime I get my hair styled by Lavette, I leave feeling renewed and refreshed, a true glam girl!

Roni Drew
Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher


I love getting my hair done by Lavette. Lavette not only thinks of fresh new and exciting hairstyles - she cares about the health of your hair. She studies your hair and your face to make sure it is a well suited style. When I get my hair done, I feel confident, renewed and sexy!


Pauline Nancoo
Verizon Sales Manager


I met Lavette 13 years ago I was pregnant with my first child and was in a bad relationship. I had very low self esteem, wasn't happy and always had problems with my hair. My mom took me to a salon and asked the receptionist to recommend the best stylist so, they sent me to Lavette. I remember that day as I walked to the back of the salon feeling shy and insecure. I am a plus sized woman that had no confidence at all. The moment I met her she told me I was a beautiful girl and I instantly felt safe with her. I was afraid to take my hat off I had damage hair and a bald spot. She looked at it and said "we gone work with this". And asked what style I want. I was taken back by that. No one ever asked me that. They always gave me what they could. Everybody raved about my hair and It made me feel better about myself. I've had ladies do my hair before but never like Lavette. She made me feel so confident and secure. That has been Lavette's spirit since I met her. I have a permanent bald spot and Lavette never tells me no to any hairstyle. Over the years Lavette has called me Diva so much even when I didn't feel like one. I'd go thru bouts of depression and leave for a while but when I return she would make me come alive again. That's why I named her "The Hair Doctor" because she fixes with love and a nurturing spirit. Funny thing is I moved from NY and had to try to find someone else to do my hair but never ever found anyone like Lavette. So I drive 10 hours by myself, ( never did that before) to have my hair done by "The Hair Doctor".


Shakima Virgil
Elementary School Teacher


My Name is Deidre Jewell and I'm a Corporate Travel Agent for a Law Firm in Manhattan. What can I say about the Incredible Hairstylist Ms. Lavette Slater! She has been my Stylist since 1998! She is Extremely Talented and always Keeps up with the Latest Trends. I always feel Like I'm in Good hands when I sit in her Chair! She is Caring and Has a Wonderful Personality! She teaches you how to keep your Healthy and While Looking Haute at the Same Time ! I am Never disappointed after Being Styled by Lavette and the Loads of Compliments I receive is always a Plus Too!




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